I'm a Senior Software Architect at Magic4 Ltd.

I was Senior C++ Architect at ControlForce Ltd. So, C++, TCP/IP, various wireless comms standards is my bag. Plus Windows CE, Win32, a bit of embedded stuff. All great fun!

Before that I was Software Engineer working for Telemac . That seemed to involve Java and databases and such. Escaped before I went postal.

Before that it was Software Engineer working for Geoworks Ltd., with the position of System Architect. My background includes a lot of embedded software, for processors from single-chip microcontrollers to 32-bit computing platforms. By training I started out as a hardware engineer, but I soon got sidetracked into this software stuff.

In previous lives, I worked for a subsidiary of Kane International , where I and a colleague designed the Hawk 5000 and 3000 Energy Analysers . Most of the instrument software is mine, and I put some of the fundamental stuff into the PC software. That was one of my favourite projects.

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