Welcome to my homepage. At the left is a navigation bar. That will take you to the rest of this collection - except in the car bit, when there's a bar at the top. It just looked prettier that way.......

Cars will take you to the exhibition of my main vice. Unfortunately, you won't find any new cars there - my interest is strictly with what those of a like mind call "real cars". This means that they must be

Work is for professional and engineering stuff. I'm a Software Engineer, with a predilection for embedded, real-time stuff - ie., I can use a soldering iron!

Projects is about stuff I'm working on now. This will hopefully be the most frequently updated part of my site, so check back often!

Rosie is my new daughter's own web site! Lots of pictures and stuff for family and friends.

Domain name registering. How I register domain names at the moment.

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I've had very good service from these guys - highly recommended! Hurricane Electric home page