Cool car, huh!

 It's actually a '63 Buick Electra 225. With a 430 cu in engine (= 7040cc). Really. It sounds totally awesome - and that's not just American-speak, there's a really good V8 rumble. If you don't drive like a plonker, you hardly need to touch the gas pedal, it just wafts about. Funny thing, I find myself flooring it now and again . .

Everything is just soooo big! I turned on the air conditioning, expecting the usual weedy tepid breeze, and was surprised by the chilly blast that came out. I was even more surprised when I thought that smoke was being blown out, until I realised that it's so cold, you get water vapour (just like when you open the freezer)! Now that's cold!

Just for the serious enthusiasts, some music. (31k,76k,104k,228k ZIP).

Here's the interesting bit . .

Isn't that a wonderful sight?

Of course, there's a price. Last time I filled up, I reckon it had done 6mpg! All sucked through this . .

Now that's a carburettor!

The inside is delightfully dated.

As well as being somewhat tired.